Our Team

At present, our team consists of university graduates, either B.A. or M.A. Most of them are also state certified translators and interpreters. Our team is supplemented by computer software engineers, web and graphic designers.

We are united by a passion for languages, communication and technology as well as an uncompromising demand towards the quality of our services.

Our customers and their needs are our focus. We accompany him competent and solution-oriented in all language projects.

Dipl. Ing. Galal Taha

Inhaber/ Gründer ATC Büro
Technische Übersetzer & DTP

Herr Khaled Rabah

Dipl. Übersetzer Beeidigter und öffentlich bestellter Urkundenübersetzer und Verhandlungsdolmetscher der arabischen Sprache für Baden Württemberg.

Saudi ArabiaGerman